9 Best Home Improvements For Plumbing

Pro Tip: When installing piping, be sure the writing on the pipe faces outward to easily identify the pipe type and size down the road. This will also make future home inspections easier if and when you go to sell the home. To create an air- and water-tight seal, PVC cement works by basically melting the top plastic layer on pipes and fittings so they merge as one. As mentioned, once you’ve applied the cement, you have to work fast. Push the pipe into the fitting until it hits the bottom of the fitting hub. Twist back-and-forth to spread the solvent evenly, and if you’ve made your marks be sure toilet plumbing to align them. Then, hold the pieces together for 30-60 seconds to ensure a solid bond. Wipe away excess cement with a wet rag. Pro Tip: Vapors from primers and solvents can have fast-acting effects, such as light-headedness and throat irritation, or could damage your eyes. To avoid any negative effects, be sure your have proper ventilation or wear a valved respirator mask .


While each source of power has its own advantages, gas hot water heaters typically offer greater reliability, cost savings, faster water heating time, and more. This is why about 60% of homes in the US use gas hot water heaters, compared to 40% electric. Lets take a look at what exactly makes gas powered heaters superior to their electric counterparts. Here are the top reasons why so many homeowners select gas powered hot water heaters. Get More Water, Faster: compared to an electric model of similar capacity, a gas device can heat and deliver 35-50% more hot water in an hour than a comparable electric tank. This makes gas heaters a lot more convenient and reliable for larger households that use a lot of water at the same time. Save Money on Operating Costs: while an electric heater is more energy efficient than a gas one, high costs of electricity, make gas devices a lot cheaper to operate. On average, across the US, it costs about 30% less to operate a gas powered hot water heater than an electric one. This figure may be higher or lower depending on the cost of electricity in your location. Keep in mind, that the lower operating costs are for models that use natural gas, as opposed to propane. In most areas propane gas is equally as expensive or more expensive than electricity.


Eligible females diminishing; School in crisis. During recent years, the percentage of lesbian, bisexual, and ‘bicurious’ females in the average high school has exploded throughout schools all over the US. This recent change has been pinpointed to the start of the 21st century, and has risen dramatically every passing year. In recent years however, the rate has nearly quadrupled. In 1993 the average percentage of lesbians in a high school was 3%, and is now nearly 97.36%. The impending future, if this situation is left unchecked, is catastrophic. But we needn’t even look that far ahead; this epidemic is already having massive consequences, namely, the physical and mental harm Gordontheplumber.com Sewer Rodding caused to young men across the country as a result of the absence of sexual interactions with young women. “The injuries I have sustained due to the lack of eligible, heterosexual girls are unbearable, and the various ointments and aloes for my affected areas are putting a huge fiscal strain on my household. It’s destroying my family. If the current situation gets any worse I don’t know what I’ll do,” said one student of Onteora High School. The massive amounts of testosterone and sexual tension are at record highs and there is no end in sight for this crisis.


A slightly different kind of escutcheon can also be found around the base of some faucets, but those aren’t the ones we’re talking about today. Why would you want to replace an escutcheon? It’s just a decorative piece: it doesn’t really do anything but make things look a bit nicer, right? Well, exactly. It doesn’t do anything but look pretty. And if it’s not looking pretty, it’s not doing its job. Escutcheons come in quite a variety of shapes, sizes, and fancy finishes, so you can find exactly the right one to match your project. They’re also very easy to replace, so there’s really no reason to hang on to that ugly, rusty old escutcheon. Get it out of there and replace it with something… well, pretty! After all, if you wanted something ugly, you could have left the hole in the wall. Most escutcheons can be easily removed.


You are here: Home / How-To-Fix Videos / Septic Tank, Septic Tank Replacement, New Sewer Installation Septic Tank, Septic Tank Replacement, New Sewer Installation When I bought my home back in 1977, they were equipped with 1000 gallon steel septic tanks and cement cesspools a.k.a. leaching pits which distribute the liquid overflow from the septic tank. The builder told us that the city would be installing city sewers within the next five years and all would be great. Well at the time they said steel septic tanks had a 20 to 25-year life span. Well, here I am, 40 years later at the tail end of a two-year project to install city sewers in my sub-division. I’ve been very fortunate in that I’ve really never had any major issues with my septic tank over the years. I attribute that to regular treatments of a live bacteria enzyme along with good luck. Every one of my neighbors experienced many problems with their systems over the years and in some cases had to have their septic tanks replaced or at minimum pumped on a regular basis. By regular I mean every three months or so, the normal time interval for a pumping would be a year. The problem is that everyone including myself had their washing machines emptying into their septic tanks which in the septic world is the kiss of death! When the soap from the washing machine cools down, it solidifies causing the holes in the leaching pit to clog and allowing the water to back into the septic tank and then into the house.


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